We can directly present products and distribute to every major fragrance retailer in the UK.

We also work with major fragrance distributors thus giving us access to individual retailers.

As a result, our distribution network covers the complete range of UK fragrance retail outlets.

The Process : From Concept to Production

The first step is a meeting with the client to discuss the concept of the product, what market the product will be aimed at, and the finished design that the client is wanting to achieve.

Based on the outcome of this meeting we then provide a range of sample bottles and fragrances for the client to review and to choose their preferred fragrance and bottle.

At the same time, using our in-house design capabilities, we create the initial artwork for the box (and any bottle artwork).


When the artwork for the box is agreed upon we produce mock-ups/first samples for further review.


This gives the client and us, a chance to discuss any design changes that might be required before the product goes into mass production, thus resulting in the ideal product to suit the targeted market within realistic lead times.


When the sample product has been fully approved and signed off by the client we use our extensive network of suppliers throughout the globe to swiftly start production.


We currently source from the UK, the EU, South-East Asia and the Far East.

This combination of in-house design and development along with the breadth of our supply base means that we are able to get the product from design to mass production and onto the shelves in a time second to none in the UK, while not compromising on the quality.